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It has always been the endeavor of the Lab to promote research through the constructive exchange of ideas at our lab meetings. Once a week, a speaker volunteers to give a talk on a topic of relevance to the on going research in the lab. Some of the abstracts of these talks are given below.

List of talks in reverse chronological order

Weekly Talks (Fall 2011)

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/09/2011   Yuting Chen   Gait-Based Smartphone User Authentication: A literature survey
11/22/2011   Idan Warsawski   The Collection Tree Protocol
11/15/2011   Emir Kavurmacioglu   Price Wars in Secondary Spectrum Markets
11/04/2011   Wei Si   Data Collection Protocols in WSNs
10/28/2011   Jiaxi Jin   Modeling Up the Network Synchronization Problem
10/18/2011   None   [Weekly Discussion]
10/07/2011   None   [Weekly Discussion]
09/23/2011   Ofir Nachum (MIT)   Handshakes, Boxes, and More!
09/16/2011   None   [Weekly Discussion]

Softphone Security Seminar (Summer 2011)

Date   Speaker   Topic
07/18/2011   Sunny Ngan   Exploiting vulnerabilities with removable storage
07/18/2011   Avi Klausner   Smartphone security through Gait Analysis
07/11/2011   David Starobinski   A freshman module on wireless networking and security
07/11/2011   Zack Sun   Bitcoins
06/27/2011   Jiaxi Jin   Homomorphic Encryption on Secured Communication
06/27/2011   Jimmy Chau   Privacy and Security Threats to Automatically Cooperating Networked Vehicles: An Overview
06/27/2011   Lokesh Ravindranathan   Attack on Skype (VOIP)
06/20/2011   Ye Wang   Communication between Semi-honest Hosts
06/20/2011   Mark Karpovsky   Hardware Security
06/13/2011   Idan Warsawski   Compiling Libraries Using the Android NDK
06/13/2011   Cankut Orakçal   Security Issues in Dynamic Bandwidth Estimation

Weekly Talks (Spring & Summer 2011)

Date   Speaker   Topic
08/19/2011   None   [Weekly Discussion]
07/15/2011   Aylin Turhan   Optimal Admission Control of Secondary Users in Preemptive Cognitive Radio Networks
07/08/2011   Xiaohui Ma   Keystroke Acoustic Emanations
06/24/2011   Lokesh Ravindranathan   Prioritization of Rateless Coding
06/17/2011   Nicholas Cunningham   Taxonomy of Social Engineering Methods
05/20/2011   Lokesh Ravindranathan   Priority based Communication Codes
05/11/2011   Amir Karniel   Transparency in Bilateral Teleopration
04/29/2011   Murat Alanyali   A look at the economics of dynamic spectrum access: Pricing for profitability
04/08/2011   Emir Kavurmacioglu   Secondary Pricing Games in a Multiplayer Market
03/11/2011   Jing Wang   Introduction to Junos CLI
02/25/2011   Bobak Nazar   An Overview of Interference Alignment
02/18/2011   Aylin Turhan   Analysis of Preemption Systems and Applications in Cognitive Radio
02/11/2011   Cankut Orakçal   Secret Key Exchange in Wireless Networks
02/04/2011   Wei Si   Using Approximation Algorithm of Minimum Steiner Tree to Implement Connected Identifying Code
01/28/2011   Ari Trachtenberg   Black Hat 2011 Recap

Weekly Talks (2010)

Date   Speaker   Topic
11/19/2010   Joel Obstfeld (Juniper)   Service Provider Network Evolution
11/19/2010   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Identifying code
11/12/2010   Arman Khouzani   Optimal Control and Dynamic Games in Epidemic Diffusion Processes
11/05/2010   Kan Lin   Efficient data dissemination in Dense Multi-channel Wireless Mesh Networks
10/29/2010   Ye Wang   On Unconditionally Secure Computation with Vanishing Communication Cost
10/22/2010   Jiaxi Jin   Priority-oriented Set Reconciliation
07/30/2010   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Identifying codes
07/23/2010   Idan Warsawski   Compiling Libraries Using the Android NDK
07/16/2010   Matt Scholen   Proposed Soft Authentication Prototype for Android Smartphones
07/13/2010   Saad Sheikh   Efficient and scalable parallel reconstruction of sibling relationships from genetic data in wild populations
07/09/2010   Hongchang Wu   Extracting patterns from human gaits with Android smartphones
06/25/2010   Jiaxi Jin   Efficient Data Synchronization
06/18/2010   Avi Klausner   Droid Phone Sensors
06/11/2010   Karen Cui   Secure Authentication Using Biometric Data
06/04/2010   Lokesh Ravindranathan   Fountain Capacity
05/28/2010   Kan Lin   Efficient Data Dissemination and Channel Allocation in WSN
05/24/2010   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Robust location detection and routing in wireless sensor networks

Weekly Talks (2009)

Date   Speaker   Topic
09/18/2009   Jie Meng   GenSync: an API for data synchronization agent
08/07/2009   Huseyin Mutlu   On-line Pricing of Secondary Spectrum Access with Unknown Demand Function and Call Length Distribution
07/24/2009   Kan Lin   Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
07/17/2009   Tunde Agboola   Audio-Based Data Transmission Protocol for Android Phones
06/26/2009   Idan Warsawski   Working with the Android Platform
06/19/2009   Ashish Agarwal   Access Point Placement in Vehicular Networking
06/12/2009   Matt Schoen   Takeaways from Google I/O (other than a new toy)
06/05/2009   Hasti Ahlehagh   Identifying Code and Set Cover Problem
05/22/2009   Jie Meng   Object Replication Using Version Vector
02/06/2009   Weiyao Xiao   Extreme Value High Quantile Estimation in Wireless Broadcasting
01/30/2009   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Semirings and their application to path computation in graphs

Weekly Talks (2008)

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/19/2008   Hasti Ahlehagh   Application Layer Multicast for Video Streaming Applications
12/12/2008   Discussion   LT codes (cont.)
12/05/2008   Discussion   LT codes (cont.)
11/21/2008   Discussion   LT codes (cont.)
11/07/2008   Discussion   LT codes (cont.)
10/31/2008   Discussion   LT codes
10/24/2008   Ari Trachtenberg   Rateless coding with partial information
10/17/2008   David Starobinski   Stability of Random Access Wireless Mesh Networks
10/03/2008   Weiyao Xiao   Extreme Value FEC for Wireless Data Broadcasting
09/26/2008   Ashish Agarwal   Analytical Model for Message Propagation in Opportunistic and Delay Tolerant Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks
09/19/2008   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Competitive Advanced Reservation with Bounded Path Dispersion
09/12/2008   Huseyin Mutlu   Spot Pricing of Wireless Spectrum in Secondary Markets

Weekly Talks (2007)

Date   Speaker   Topic
02/09/2007   Tao Wu   Server Selection in Content Replication Networks
02/02/2007   Weiyao Xiao   Near-Optimal Data Dissemination Policies for Multi-Channel, Single Radio Wireless Sensor Networks
01/26/2007   Angad Singh   A Semi Markov-based Analysis of Rate Adaptation Algorithms in Wireless LANs

Weekly Talks (2006)

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/08/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Sensys 2006
10/06/2006   Moshe Laifenfeld   Identifying codes and the set cover problem
09/15/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Rateless Codes for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
09/08/2006   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Algorithms for advanced channel reservation in ultra high speed networks
07/21/2006   Yuqing Ke   Algebraic Gossip: A Network Coding Approach to Optimal Multiple Rumor Mongering
06/29/2006   Moshe Laifenfeld   Identifying codes and location detection system in sensor networks
06/16/2006   Eleni Drinea   Lower bounds for the capacity of the deletion channel
05/05/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Random Linear Codes in Limited Resource Environments
04/21/2006   Yuqing Ke   Directional Broadcast for Mobile Ad Hoc Network with Percolation Theory
04/07/2006   Huseyin Mutlu   Wireless Operators in a Shared Spectrum
03/31/2006   Reuven Cohen   Circuit Allocation Algorithms for UltraScienceNet
03/17/2006   Masoud Sharif   Delay Analysis of Data Collection in Sensory Networks
02/24/2006   Meijun Wang   Secure Code Distribution in Dynamically Programming Wireless Sensor Networks
02/10/2006   Ibrahim Matta   An Adaptive Policy Management Approach to BGP Convergence
02/03/2006   XiangPing (Sandra) Qin   Stochastic shortest path problem and its applications in Over the Air Programming
01/27/2006   Reuven Cohen   Controlling Alternate Routing in General-Mesh Packet Flow Networks

Weekly Talks (2005)

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/02/2005   Moshe Laifenfeld   Practical Schemes for interactive data exchange, ISITA 2004.
11/18/2005   Yuqing Ke   A concept of communication distance and its applications in six situations of mobile environment
11/04/2005   XiangPing (Sandra) Qin   Towards Secure Network Programming and Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
10/21/2005   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Scheduling Large File Transfers over High-speed Optical Circuits
10/14/2005   Huseyin Mutlu   Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Protocols for Topology Control over IEEE 802.15.4
10/07/2005   Weiyao Xiao   Exploiting Multi-Channel Diversity to Speed Up Over-the-Air Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks
09/30/2005   Dejan   How to generate binary lexicodes
09/23/2005   XiangPing (Sandra) Qin   Distributed Approaches to Exploit Multi-user Diversity
09/16/2005   Vyas Venkataraman   Implementation of a Fast, Bandwidth efficient string reconciliation algorithm using puzzle pieces and CPISync
09/14/2005   Edy Tan,Andres Guedez   Scheduling file transfers over high speed networks
09/09/2005   Stephen Chao, Danny Morris   The Observable Wireless Sensor Testbed
08/19/2005   Moshe Laifenfeld   Disjoint Identifying-Codes for Arbitrary Graphs
07/22/2005   Sachin Agarwal, Moshe Laifenfeld   Fast data access over asymmetric channels using fair and secure bandwidth sharing

Weekly Talks (2004)

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/03/2004 Saikat Ray Stochastic location detection systems
11/19/2004 Sachin Agarwal Algebraic Gossip: A Network Coding Approach to Optimal Multiple Rumor Mongering (paper by Deb and Medard)
11/05/2004 Tom VanCourt Families of FPGA-Based Accelerators for BCB Computing: Case Studies
10/22/2004 Murat Alanyali Some Aspects of Networked Sensing
09/17/2004 Saikat Ray A radical walk amid the roots
09/10/2004 Konrad Lorincz A Robust, Decentralized Approach to RF-Based Location Tracking
04/30/2004 Oliver Dain Packet capture applications in environments with higher data rates
04/09/2004 Sachin Agarwal Some interesting sensor network ideas
03/19/2004 Saikat Ray Performance of Wireless Networks with Hidden Nodes: A Queuing-Theoretic Analysis
02/06/2004 Sachin Agarwal Data Aggregation in sensor networks

Weekly Talks (Earlier)

Date   Speaker   Topic
09/14/2003 Saikat Ray Algorithms for breaking cyclic dependencies
02/28/2003 Sachin Agarwal Wrap Filters - A new non-interactive method to determine sizes of deviation between similar data sets
02/21/2003 Vikas Chauhan Reconciliation Puzzles
02/14/2003 Saikat Ray and Rachanee Ungrangsi Identifying Codes and Location Detection
11/22/2002 Sachin Agarwal Bloom Filters & Data Synchronization
11/14/2002 Vikas Chauhan Application Layer Multicast Protocols
11/09/2002 Soma Ghosh Overlay and P2P Systems: Protocols and Applications
11/01/2002 Saikat Ray RTS-CTS Mechanism in 802.11 Wireless Networks
10/25/2002 Rajesh Krishnan Message Efficient Algorithms for Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks
10/18/2002 Prof. Murat Alanyali Some applications of game theory in computer communications
10/11/2002 Sachin Agarwal 802.11 Tutorial
10/04/2002 Vikas Chauhan Informed Content Delivery Across Adaptive Overlay Networks
09/20/2002 Prof. Ari Trachtenberg Current research problems
09/13/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Rumor Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks
07/26/2002 Avi Yaar Fast Network Synchronization
07/18/2002 Saikat Ray Location Detection using Identifying Codes
07/13/2002 Edward Bach STEP/SIMP, a Platform for Fine-Grained Lattice Computing (Guest speaker)
07/09/2002 Francesco De Pellegrini Backward Compatibility Schemes for Turn Prohibition
06/14/2002 Saikat Ray The Deaf Node Problem in Wireless LANs
06/14/2002 Sachin Agarwal Fast PDA Synchronization Using Characteristic Polynomial Interpolation
06/14/2002 David Starobinski Application of Network Calculus to General Topologies using Turn-Prohibition
06/07/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Indoor Location Detection Using Wireless Devices
05/31/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Sensor Networks For Emergency Response
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