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Tom Tom kosher database database

Tom Tom GPS kosher dabatase


The following is a converted version of much of Shamash's kosher database in the .ov2 format that is understood by the Tom Tom GPS devises (and probably a variety of others, which I do not own and, thus, could not check). The data in this format contains names, telephone numbers, and addresses (as closely as I could determine them). As usual, it is likely that it has mistakes and incorrect entries, and I highly recommend that you call restaurants in advance and confirm their addresses before shlepping out for a meal.


Copy the two files above kosher.bmp and kosher.ov2 onto your Tom Tom device. You should place it the same folder as your maps (look for other .ov2 files), much in the same way as you could install music on the devise. If you don't like my icon, feel free to edit kosher.bmp using a graphics editor to a picture of your choosing.
Feel free to let me know if you find this to be useful.