This project is a tight collaboration of nine Boston University faculty and three collaborating partners. riscs.gif

Computer Science

Mark Crovella
works on statistical approaches to security, including traffic and social network analysis
Sharon Goldberg
works on applying cryptographic and game-theoretic techniques to network security problems
Steve Homer
co-directs the RISCS center and investigates algorithms for avoiding malicious traffic
Leo Reyzin
providing expertise in cryptography and data security, together with experience with cryptography in severely constrained environments, including hardware security
Nikos Triandopoulos
providing experience in data authentication as well as privacy preserving and trustworthy computing

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Mark Karpovsky
has long experience with hardware design for security
David Starobinski
focuses on performance, reliability and security of network protocols
Ari Trachtenberg
who works on coding and data dissemination, emphasizing attack-resistance

Metropolitan College

Tanya Zlateva
co-directs the RISCS center and has extensive experience developing programs in Information Assurance education

Industrial partners

Greg Troxel at Raytheon BBN Technologies
a leader in the field of software-defined radios
Sachin Agarwal at Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
specializing in cellular telephony
University of Warwick
specializing in system-level security analysis


Dalia Yassa
assistant director of the RISCS center

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