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The Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems is involved in providing novel perspectives to modern networking issues, including scalability, heterogeneity, and performance. Our methods draw from recent research in applied information theory, stochastic processes, graph algorithms, and error-correcting codes.

Led jointly by Professors David Starobinski and  Ari Trachtenberg in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University, the laboratory activities include a number of practical and theoretical projects involving about a dozen graduate and undergraduate students in the department.

Research includes forays into the fields of data synchronization, mobile computing, network calculus, distributed web caching, and coding theoretic approaches to real-time information reconciliation.

The SKS OpenPGP Keyserver at BU

Click here to go to check out some of the cool stuff we are talking about at our weekly lab meetings.

An article about CPISync published in the B.U. Bridge recently

Click here to see Avi Yaar talk about CPIsync at the Undergraduate Research Symposium



Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems

Room 413 Photonics  Building

8 St Mary's Street, Boston MA 02215


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