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Weekly Talks

It has always been the endeavor of the Lab to promote research through the constructive exchange of ideas at our lab meetings. Once a week, a speaker volunteers to give a talk on a topic of relevance to the on going research in the lab. Some of the abstracts of these talks are given below along with contact information of the speakers.

List of talks in reverse chronological order

Date Speaker Topic
02/28/2003 Sachin Agarwal Wrap Filters - A new non-interactive method to determine sizes of deviation between similar data sets
02/21/2003 Vikas Chauhan Reconciliation Puzzles
02/14/2003 Saikat Ray and Rachanee Ungrangsi Identifying Codes and Location Detection
11/22/2002 Sachin Agarwal Bloom Filters & Data Synchronization
11/14/2002 Vikas Chauhan Application Layer Multicast Protocols
11/09/2002 Soma Ghosh Overlay and P2P Systems: Protocols and Applications
11/01/2002 Saikat Ray RTS-CTS Mechanism in 802.11 Wireless Networks
10/25/2002 Rajesh Krishnan Message Efficient Algorithms for Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks
10/18/2002 Prof. Murat Alanyali Some applications of game theory in computer communications
10/11/2002 Sachin Agarwal 802.11 Tutorial
10/04/2002 Vikas Chauhan Informed Content Delivery Across Adaptive Overlay Networks
09/20/2002 Prof. Ari Trachtenberg Current research problems
09/13/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Rumor Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks
07/26/2002 Avi Yaar Fast Network Synchronization
07/18/2002 Saikat Ray Location Detection using Identifying Codes
07/13/2002 Edward Bach STEP/SIMP, a Platform for Fine-Grained Lattice Computing (Guest speaker)
07/09/2002 Francesco De Pellegrini Backward Compatibility Schemes for Turn Prohibition
06/14/2002 Saikat Ray The Deaf Node Problem in Wireless LANs
06/14/2002 Sachin Agarwal Fast PDA Synchronization Using Characteristic Polynomial Interpolation
06/14/2002 David Starobinski Application of Network Calculus to General Topologies using Turn-Prohibition
06/07/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Indoor Location Detection Using Wireless Devices
05/31/2002 Rachanee Ungrangsi Sensor Networks For Emergency Response

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