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Rumor Routing Algorithms for Sensor Networks - 09/13/2002

Rachanee Ungrangsi

Wireless sensor networks consist of large populations of wireless connected nodes. Advances in micro-sensor and radio technology enable small but smart sensors to be deployed for a wide range of environmental monitoring applications. Such small devices are very limited in the amount of energy they can store or harvest from the environment. Thus, energy efficiency is a main concern is a sensor network. This paper proposed "Rumor Routing" protocol, which allows for quiries to be delivered to events in the network, with energy requirements lower than the alternatives (event flooding and query flooding). It is designed to be tunable to different application requirements and allow for tradeoffs between setup overhead and delivery reliability. Reference: David Braginsky and Deborah Estrin, "Rumor Routing Algorithm For Sensor Networks", To appear in the First Workshop on Sensor Networks and Applications (WSNA), September 2002, Atlanta, GA Link for paper:




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