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Location Detection in Wireless Networks

Rachanee Ungrangsi

In our previous talk last week, we discussed several challenges in our recent project, "Application of Sensor networks for emergency responses". In this week’s talk, we will focus on one of the challenges, namely, "Indoor Location Detection using wireless devices ".

The talk will be divided into two parts: initially, we will describe the state of the art in the indoor location detection technologies, for example, Active Badge, MIT cricket, RADAR, etc. and their inapplicability in the context of emergency responses. In the second part of the talk, we will describe two possible approaches that we would like to explore in near future: use of "Identification code" and "Bayesian Hypothesis testing". The basic formulation of both approaches will be described. We may also be able to set up an initial demonstration of the type of system we would like to build in this project. Any feedback from the audience will be appreciated.




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