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BCH Set reconciliation scheme with look-up tables :

BCH Set reconciliation scheme without look up tables :

Project Report in pdf

LDPC-code software developed by Radford McNeal and David MacKay

NTL - Victor Shoup's Number Theory Library


"Connections between Data Reconciliation and Generalized Error Correcting Codes "[ Ari Trachtenberg, Mark Karpovsky, Lev Levitin]

" Set Reconciliation with Nearly Optimal Communication Complexity " [Yaron Minsky, Ari Trachtenberg, Richard Zippel]

" Practical Loss Resilient Codes " [Michael Luby, Michael Mitzenmacher, Amin Shokrollahi, Daniel Spielman, Volker Stemann]


Lab of Networking and Information Systems at BU .

Prof. Trachtenberg's website.

The Error Control Codes (ECC)  Home Page

David MacKay's Gallager code resources