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Audio-Based Data Transmission Protocol for Android Phones - 07/17/2009

Tunde Agboola

While not presently implemented, the advantages of mobile peer-to-peer networks continue to entice developers. These potential benefits include: a reduction of cellular towers, because all phones do not need a direct connection with a tower to achieve a signal; cheaper contracts due to less required infrastructure; and better phone signal in more places with the added ability to use other phones as hubs. However, with 802.11 Ad-Hoc mode unsupported and no API available for Bluetooth, presently Android phones have no way to directly communicate with one another.

With the help of Professor Trachtenberg, Matt Schoen and I are attempting to develop and audio-based communication protocol capable of peer-to-peer communication between mobile phones. We intend to find the maximum data rate that can be achieved in a variety of different ranges and varying levels of ambient noise using the audio-based protocol. In this talk I will explain the details of the experiment, and its current progress.

-- Main.JieMeng - 16 Jul 2009

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