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Droid Phone Sensors - 06/18/2010

Avi Klausner

Abstract: Cell phone technology has rapidly progressed since 1973 when the first hand-held mobile phone was created. Simple cell phone that just makes calls have advanced into Smartphones that access the full Internet, have high sensing capabilities and many other technological advancements. The Droid Phone has followed this trend of progression and is one of the most technologically advanced cell phones offered today.

My presentation will focus on the sensors in the Droid Phone. I will go into detail about exactly how the different sensors work, their general characteristics, their location on the phone, their sensitivity and some limitations in their capabilities. I will summarize information on sensors obtained from product manuals and data sheets (many of which are designed to be vague and confusing). In addition, I will present results from initial tests performed on each sensor in the phone to show some of their limitation and capabilities. There are a number of questions that still linger and I hope the audience will be bale to help in suggesting possible answers.

-- JiaxiJin - 16 Jun 2010

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