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Efficient Data Dissemination and Channel Allocation in WSN - 05/28/2010

Lin Kan


Ever developing micro-electronic technology has made it easier to deploy large scale wireless sensor networks, which are usually composed of a great number of small, inexpensive distributed wireless sensor motes.A wide variety of fundamental services in WSN or WMN rely upon efficient data dissemination. However, traditional sensor limitations joined with the complications of the sensor network settings makes it extremely difficult to design and implement efficient dissemination algorithms.

Three fundamental facts of typical Wireless Sensor Networks bring great challenges to efficient data dissemination: The first fact lies in the nature of lossy channel and large number of sensor motes.The second fact comes from the topology of the sensor motes.The third fact is the scarcity of communication channels. While solutions to part of the above-mentioned issues have been richly studied, however, the main challenge is that it is not easy to address all of them together. The main effort of my work is to find out, through analysis and simulation, the possible asymptotically optimal strategies given all the resources and limitation above. The main contributions are as follows:

Deterministic estimation of transmissions for large amount of sensor motes Bounds on optimally achievable performance for the scenarios of Plain text and rateless coding modes Multiple channels General topology The corresponding asymptotically optimal transmission strategy for the case of huge demand

In my presentation I will briefly describe our problem followed by my main results. I will also address some further issues that we encountered.

-- JiaxiJin - 13 Jun 2010

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