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Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks - 07/24/2009

Kan Lin

Large scale wireless sensor networks have been made possible with the improvement in MEMS technology. By employing single radio, multi-channel, the size and the cost of sensor nodes could be largely reduced, however, this also brings difficulty for efficient data dissemination. The problem of minimizing expected delay of data dissemination is essentially a stochastic shortest path problem, which, theoretically, could be solved by dynamic cast within finite iterations. But the complexity of the solution is prohibitive for practical implementation. Nevertheless, a simple policy called Packet-Channel Round Robin proves to be rather effective(near optimal) when the topology is easy, for example, single cluster or cluster chain. The analytical results show that with this policy, a single radio is sufficient to benefit from the multi-channels, especially when the scale gets larger. The talk will go over a former paper on this topic and extend to some further perspectives about it.

-- Main.JieMeng - 23 Jul 2009

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