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Prioritization of Rateless Coding - 06/24/2011

Lokesh Ravindranathan

Title: Prioritization of Rateless Coding

Rateless codes are gaining importance in terms of usage for their quick encoding and decoding times. Rateless codes are codes which do not have a specific rate and the criterion to recover the data on the decoder side depends only on the amount of information gathered during a given time interval. However,some information is more than important than others in few cases. This leads to the problem of designing a code for unequal recovery times for information. One of the solutions is to prioritize the input information. Priority based LT codes are codes in which data is divided into segments - high priority and low priority and the codes are designed to recover the high priority data first. However, there exists a trade-off between recovering only the high priority data and the entire data on the decoder side. This talk will include design, implementation and analysis of prioritized rateless codes.

-- JiaxiJin - 22 Jun 2011

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Laboratory of Networking and Information Systems
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