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Priority-oriented Set Reconciliation - 10/22/2010

Jiaxi Jin

Abstract: As a result of rapidly growing of modern computer networks, in bandwidthlimited/time-limited conditions users suffer from long delays in transferring large amounts of information across network. To solve the problem, we propose an improved set reconciliation algorithm called Priority-Oriented Interactive CPI based on our earlier work along with corresponding data structure. The new scheme divides the set and gives subsets different priorities to ensure critical data can be synchronized in prior. We also provides a data structure which could be updated by instant result immediately In case of interruption scheduled termination takes place during the synchronization. As long as the reconciliation process recovers after the termination/interruption, the data structure can be incrementally updated based on previous result. Due to the stability of the performance, we also discuss an estimation model to predict the probability of success in priori of the synchronization.

-- JiaxiJin - 28 Oct 2010

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