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Priority based Communication Codes - 05/19/2011

Lokesh Ravindranathan

Title: Priority based Communication Codes Today's world is infested with information. However, some information tend to weigh more important than others. For example, in image communication, the green channel is more important than the red and blue channel for a standard RGB image and hence protocols are designed to protect this content as much as possible. This is done by prioritizing the green channel w.r.t the other channels.

Rateless codes are codes which do not have a specific rate and the criterion to recover the data on the decoder side depends only on the amount of information gathered during the time interval. Priority based LT codes are codes in which data is divided into segments - high priority and low priority and the codes are designed to recover the high priority data first. However, there exists a tradeoff between recovering only the high priority data and the entire data on the decoder side. I will give a brief introduction on this subject and will talk about the other ideas we are currently thinking about in terms of prioritization of data.

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