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Takeaways from Google I/O (other than a new toy) - 06/12/2009

Matt Schoen

I/O is a developers' conference held annually by Google, currently in its second year. Attendees ranged from a few high school students to the overwhelming majority of experienced, professional developers, all interested in the information inside the heads of Google's top coders. In my talk, I will discuss some of the ideas expressed in the two morning keynotes, as well as the tips, tricks, and wisdom I gathered at the individual sessions. Most of these sessions deal specifically with the Google Android platform, which was a focus of the conference. Aside from the fact that all attendees (as a surprise gift) recieved an unlocked phone which was introduced as "a link to the Android SDK," the 11 sessions in the "mobile" category were sometimes so full that conference staff had to guard the door and prevent further attendence before the talk had even begun. Though it is impossible to concentrate two very full days of lectures down to an hour I will try to touch upon the mo! st important information as quickly as possible.

The full talks, along with the 50 or so which I didn't see are available at code.google.com/events/io/sessions.html.

A more complete write up of the sessions Matt attended may be found at SchoenWriteup.

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