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Introduction to Junos CLI - 04/08/2011

Emir Kavurmacioglu

Secondary Pricing Games in a Multiplayer Market

Abstract: Today, wireless radio spectrum is a scarce resource, which is put under strain by the recent boom in wireless devices that consume large amounts of data. Current regulations result in the under-utilization of the available spectrum, unable to meet the growing demand. To address this troubling issue, the concept of secondary spectrum markets, where in addition to already existent primary users (PU), secondary users (SU) enter the scene. These SUs are free to choose any operator in return for a spot on service. Facing such prospects of increased revenue from the SUs, are sure to result in multiple operators entering the secondary market. In this talk, we will try to analyze the challenges, both internal and external, the operators face in attracting the SUs, and how the service provided to the SUs affect their existing revenues and their PUs. We will start off by characterizing the strengths and limitations of every operator entering the market. Then, using a game theoretic perspective we will try to establish the equilibrium outcome of the pricing game where every operator is both trying to attract the SUs while maintaining a positive profit.

-- JiaxiJin - 28 Apr 2011

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