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Service Provider Network Evolution - 12/03/2010

Joel Obstfeld

Abstract: The Internet as we know it continues to evolve with new 'names' and applications appearing on a continuous basis. Network providers around the world are driving to keep pace or get ahead of these changes and in so doing must evolve their networks. This presentation will look at some of the business & operational challenges that are influencing choices in both in high-level network architecture and transmission infrastructure.

Bio: Joel Obstfeld is a member of Juniper Networks Internet Product Groupšs CTO team currently working on the development of network virtualisation technologies. Prior to working at Juniper, Joel was with Cisco Systems, where as a leader of a global team within the Core Router Business Unit, he worked closely with key Service Provider customers around the world on qualification, deployment and operation of products running the IOS-XR operating system as well as driving key learning points from field experience back into the engineering organisation. He was the lead developer and presenter of the advanced-level training course on CRS-1 and IOS-XR.

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