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Secure Code Distribution in Dynamically Programming Wireless Sensor Networks - 02/24/2006

Meijun Wang

As applications of wireless sensor networks are becoming increasingly diverse, remote reprogramming of sensor nodes through the wireless channel are demanded for efficient sensor network management. To avoid reprogramming false or viral code images, it is essential that each node can securely receive its code image through the wireless channel. This paper I will present takes the challenge of building a secure mechanism for dynamic reprogramming of a WSN that is also robust and efficient.

In the talk, we will see a hybrid mechanisms that combine the speedy verification of packetized code allowed by hash-based schemes with the strong authenticity provided by a public-key scheme. Based on this idea, three schemes for secure code propagation are also proposed. Simulations show that the proposed schemes add only a modest amount of overhead to a conventional non-secure reprogramming scheme, and are therefore feasible and practical in WSN.

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