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Weekly Talks (2006)

List of talks in reverse chronological order

Date   Speaker   Topic
12/08/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Sensys 2006
10/06/2006   Moshe Laifenfeld   Identifying codes and the set cover problem
09/15/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Rateless Codes for Data Dissemination in Wireless Sensor Networks
09/08/2006   Niloofar Fazlollahi   Algorithms for advanced channel reservation in ultra high speed networks
07/21/2006   Yuqing Ke   Algebraic Gossip: A Network Coding Approach to Optimal Multiple Rumor Mongering
06/29/2006   Moshe Laifenfeld   Identifying codes and location detection system in sensor networks
06/16/2006   Eleni Drinea   Lower bounds for the capacity of the deletion channel
05/05/2006   Andrew Hagedorn   Random Linear Codes in Limited Resource Environments
04/21/2006   Yuqing Ke   Directional Broadcast for Mobile Ad Hoc Network with Percolation Theory
04/07/2006   Huseyin Mutlu   Wireless Operators in a Shared Spectrum
03/31/2006   Reuven Cohen   Circuit Allocation Algorithms for UltraScienceNet
03/17/2006   Masoud Sharif   Delay Analysis of Data Collection in Sensory Networks
02/24/2006   Meijun Wang   Secure Code Distribution in Dynamically Programming Wireless Sensor Networks
02/10/2006   Ibrahim Matta   An Adaptive Policy Management Approach to BGP Convergence
02/03/2006   XiangPing (Sandra) Qin   Stochastic shortest path problem and its applications in Over the Air Programming
01/27/2006   Reuven Cohen   Controlling Alternate Routing in General-Mesh Packet Flow Networks
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